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WordPress: But Which Version is Best?

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A lot of you are following my Blog articles (thank you).

For those of you who are new to my website, I specialise in technology, especially in building and editing websites on a platform called WordPress.

If you haven’t heard of WordPress by now, then you must have fallen down from another alien planet ūüôā ¬†I had to get that little joke in there.

Now, having gotten that out of the way, the next question is:

What is the difference between WordPress.com & WordPress.org?

Which version are you using and which version should you be using?

WordPress.com is designed (in my opinion), solely as a simple ‘free’ blogging tool.

All hosted in the Cloud (nothing to download or set up on your computer, or tablet).

First, let me introduce you to a video which demonstrates free vs cost that may be involved.

But the most  important thing to remember and which really infuriates you guys is, when you are confronted with plugins.

Where you have set up your blog or site and suddenly want that cool new Twitter feed on your sidebar that you saw on some site earlier today and wonder how you can have that.

I am here to tell you the biggest drawback of WordPress.com is, you cannot freely add these plugins to the .com version.

What do we mean we we say Р plugins?

Plugins are a huge thing when building your website in WordPress.

80% of WordPress plugins are either free or only have a small upgrade fee. Don’t pay over the odds for these features.

Having built and updated many sites for clients, I have found a ton of plugins which have saved them spending money on extra upgrades.

If you are running a WordPress.org site, please read my next article, which will be:

10 essential ‘free’ WordPress plugins to boost your site and security features.

That will be coming up in the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, I hope you liked this particular article and gained some knowledge from it.

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