• WordPress: But Which Version is Best?

    A lot of you are following my Blog articles (thank you). For those of you who are new to my website, I specialise in technology, especially in building and editing websites on a platform called WordPress. If you haven’t heard of WordPress by now, then you must have fallen down… Read More »

    Posted by Una • Posted on Jun, 16, 2016 • Websites / Web Design
  • Google vs Bing

    Could BING be the new KING? HOT NEWS is that, BING is the new search engine KING, who could finally wipe that smile off ‘Google’s smug little face’ . More stringent rules on mobile device regulations, with twisted algorithms in an ever changing daily spiral, may have just pushed Google out… Read More »

    Posted by Una • Posted on Apr, 15, 2015 • General Chit Chat
  • Need A New Website

    So – you need a new website The first thing I get asked on a regular basis is:- “Hi Una, I need a website, how much do you charge”? Folks and folkesses – can I stop you right there? That is like – walking in to an estate agent and… Read More »

    Posted by Una • Posted on Mar, 20, 2015 • Websites / Web Design