UnaNeary-AboutMeAbout Me – Una

Current Employment:
Freelancer in Computer Technology,
Based in Dartford, Kent, UK

More Detail:-
After a full time career in the secretarial industry – working in Central London – I decided to quit the ‘rat race’ and do something I have a passion for.

Laughingly (she says)  where I used to be PA (Personal Assistant), I am still a PA but now it stands for ‘Photoshop Addict’.

I got into Photoshop on and off,  a few years ago. It’s a fine place to express one’s self.

Couple that with my love for taking photos, website coding and a WordPress learning curve, I finally came up with this, my very own personal website.

It’s been a long time coming, because in between, I also have to earn a living.  Credit cards & bills have to be paid and ‘Puss and I’ gotta eat.

So, my previous skills include Microsoft Office (Word & Excel), along with being a pro eBay trader and last but not least, I do pride myself on being an ‘IT expert’, having grown up with the Windows operating system since its infancy.

Basically, I am a ‘Jill of all trades’ in the computing world.

I have no fancy university degree. Everything I know is self taught including my aging experience of dealing with life’s little problems.

Hobbies:  When not tinkering around on a computer, one of my other passions is:  Space related stuff.

What is going on out there, in ‘space world’ our vast universe?.

Naturally, then, I am a huge fan of the ISS (International Space Station) as you will see from the little widget over there on the right.

Check out when its  next flying over your house, in the night sky.